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Kyrgyzstan / 27 July - 6 August

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  • Is there a predefined route to follow?
    The Yak Cup kicks off and wraps up in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan's capital. You'll head East towards China in a vaguely clockwise direction, hitting a series of checkpoints to ensure you catch all the breathtaking spots (and to keep you from wandering off into Kazakhstan or Tajikistan!). This adventure, especially being the Yak Cup's pioneer edition, is all about exploring the uncharted – so gear up to be amazed by Kyrgyzstan’s beauty with your team.
  • Entry Fee & What's Included?
    For a fee of 1,650 EUR per team, you get: A solid 4x4 Lada, complete with third-party insurance and all necessary paperwork. Lada repair lessons from our expert mechanics. Two nights in pre-arranged yurt campsites (details to be shared) to bond with fellow YakCuppers and share your amazing tales from the road. A support vehicle with a local guide following the Yak Cup for those just-in-case moments. Launch & finish parties to celebrate in style. Official Yak Cup swag – T-shirts and more. About a crate of vodka for those chilly nights. THE KNOWLEDGE: Insider tips for your journey, from start line tactics to a comprehensive team handbook. A COMMUNITY OF LIKE-MINDED IDIOTS: Join a group of genius-idiots drawn to the call of overland adventure. THE ADVENTURE: 10 days of the most thrilling, pants-stirring adventuring possible in a Lada.
  • Do I need to be a professional driver to participate?
    Not a pro, but definitely a confident and experienced driver. If you're fresh off your driving test or if road trips aren't your jam, this isn’t for you. Kyrgyzstan's roads are mostly unpaved, with steep climbs and endless twisty mountain paths. Plus, you'll be mastering manual gears – so you've got to be passionate, cautious, and safe behind the wheel.
  • How many people per team?
    2 to 3 people max. Ladas are cozy, and with luggage, more than three is a crowd.
  • Is this dangerous?
    Let's be clear: this is a genuinely dangerous adventure. You're driving a simple vehicle on rough roads in a remote part of the world. The risks? High altitudes, low oxygen – tough on you and your Lada. This isn't a glorified holiday; it's raw, basically unsupported adventure with real risks to your health and life. That's what makes it an epic adventure. By joining, you're taking full responsibility for these risks.
  • What driving license do I need?
    You'll need an International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive in Kyrgyzstan. It's a legal must-have, extending your license to multiple languages. It can be purchase online with just a few clicks through the following website. We urge you to purchase the dual version (print + digital) because the digital-only version will cause issues when you will get stopped by the police (because trust us, you will). This document is mandatory for all participants, and one per team won't cut it!
  • What about the refundable vehicle deposit?
    We'll need a refundable deposit of about 500 EUR per team, due 4 weeks before launch. This is to ensure you bring the car back – it's cheaper and easier than us having to retrieve it. We'd prefer not to need a deposit, but it's a necessary evil. The deposit comes back to you within three/fore weeks, provided the vehicle returns in one piece to the finish line. We'll give you the full details on the contract when payment time comes.
  • Is Kyrgyzstan safe?
    Yes, Kyrgyzstan is increasingly a popular and safe tourist destination. The only recently iffy area was the Batken region, due to Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan border disputes, but tourists were never targeted. Petty crimes can happen, and you might bump into the odd corrupt cop, but overall, it's a safe place to explore.
  • Is this actually a race?
    We may call it a rally, but it's not a race. Think of it as an epic road trip with a crew of adventure-thirsty folks. There's no speed test; we encourage you to soak in the journey and enjoy every moment of this incredible experience.
  • Where will my team and I sleep?
    We'll suggest accommodation and yurt camps along the way. Beyond the 2 nights we cover, it's up to you to book your stays. Do bring sleeping bags – rural options can be basic but authentic.
  • Do I need travel & medical insurance?
    Absolutely. You need insurance covering renting and driving a vehicle in Kyrgyzstan. Imagine the pride (or horror) of your family receiving a whopping hospital bill because you skipped this step. So, get that boring paperwork sorted – it's mandatory. We recommend Europ Assistance, costing around 100 EUR per person, here is the LINK.
  • Is there a minimum age to participate?
    Yes, 24 years and above. This adventure calls for a bit of life and driving experience.
  • Do I need a visa to enter Kyrgyzstan?
    Nope, not for stays under 60 days. Just bring a passport valid for 6 months post-arrival. But yes, you'll need the Kyrgyzstan 5 zones permit to roam freely (easy to get; here is the LINK).
  • What if my car breaks down or I get stuck?
    Roadside assistance will be limited – this is about self-reliance and adventure. In case of a breakdown, we'll do our best to help, but costs for emergency extractions, repairs, or replacement vehicles are on you.
  • On the road costs?
    Kyrgyzstan is wallet-friendly. Expect to spend about 20 EUR per person daily on meals and lodging. Add petrol costs, and you're looking at a daily budget of around 30 EUR. Car breakdowns? They're your responsibility, including finding a mechanic so drive safely and slow!
  • How and when can we pay?
    Sign up on the website to join the official Yak Cup WhatsApp group with all registered participants. We'll share the official contract, waiver, and payment details there soon enough.
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